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The Eastman Raiders 2011 season is beginning. Get all the latest information on the Eastman Raiders, locations, teams, standings and so much more. Visit them online as they have launched a new website dedicated to delivering the latest information to their fans. Facebook and Twitter integration, photo galleries (with lightbox functionality), an archive (for parents and players) and ad space with full 1990i high resolution design.
The 2011 Summer in the City Festival planning is well under way and this year they are excited to bring you more local events and attractions than ever! Relax and soak up the festive summer atmosphere in one of the sunny full service food and beverage patios. Traditional and cultural food vendors offer some of their famous and delicious tastings through out the festival. We invite you to see what summer is like in one of South Eastern Manitoba’s newest and most progressive communities June 17 and 18, 2011.

Services for PixelPerfect Media have been transferred over to Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing.

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