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Website hosting is something that is essential for all websites. Having a domain name, or website address is the first step, but you still need to store your files in a folder online. This is what a hosting account is for.

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows you, or your company, to make your website accessible online. Pixel Perfect Media offers this service to you and always recommends the most cost-effective solution for your business.

There are typically two types of hosting accounts available.

1. Linux

Linux is an open source system/server which means it is more cost-effective to operate and maintain than Windows. Linux is also known to be more stable and faster. This means that your server will download and display your website/files to anyone visiting your site in a timely and safe manner.

Linux supports many software applications, languages, and databases such as PHP, MySQL, Perl, PostgreSQL and many others.

2. Windows

Windows servers can also run database-driven websites but they must be developed using Microsoft Access, with Microsoft SQL as the database.

The advantage of Windows servers is that they easily run Microsoft software (Access & MS SQL databases) and offer the use of Microsoft's programming applications such as Active Server Pages (ASP) of ASPx, Visual Basic Scripts, or an MS Index Server.

Pixel Perfect Media provides access to the fastest, and most reliable servers, and will explain the difference between the two to ensure you have the fastest and most cost-effective server possible.

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